Zittara Multi-Purpose Carbine and Assault Rifle,Ofb,Indian Army

Zittara Multi-Purpose Carbine and Assault Rifle,Ofb,Indian ArmyZittara Multi-Purpose Carbine and Assault Rifle,Ofb,Indian Army

Zittara Multi-Purpose Carbine and Assault Rifle,Ofb,Indian Army

Zittara Multi-Purpose carbine is the modified version of IMI Tavor Tar 21 Israel Military industries Assault Rifle.It is basically a 9mm MTAR-21 version of Tavor.

The Weapon capable of being used in an assault rifle role with capability to fire 5.56X45 mm rounds with an accuracy upto 300 m and it also capable of being used in a carbine role with capability to fire 5.56X30 mm and 9X19 mm rounds with an accuracy upto 200 m.Zittara Multi-Purpose Carbine and Assault Rifle,Ofb,Indian Army

Induction in Indian Army

In late 2002, India signed an INR 880 million (about USD 17.7 million) deal with Israel Military Industries for 3,070 manufactured Tavor assault rifles to be issued to India’s special forces personnel, where its ergonomics, reliability in heat and sand might give them an edge at close-quarters and employment from inside vehicles.

By 2005, IMI had supplied 350–400 Tavors to India’s northern Special Frontier Force (SFF). These were subsequently declared to be “operationally unsatisfactory”. The required changes have since been made, and tests in Israel during 2006 went well, clearing the contracted consignment for delivery.

The Tavor has now entered operational service – even as India gears up for a larger competition that could feature a 9 mm MTAR-21 version. Known as the Zittara, the rifle is manufactured in India by the Ordnance Factories Board for Indian service.

Orders and deliveries

A consignment of over 500 TAR-21 Tavor assault rifles and another 30 Galil sniper rifles worth over INR 150 million (USD 3.3 million) and INR 20 million respectively was delivered to the MARCOS (Marine Commandos) in December 2010.

India’s paramilitary and counter-insurgency Central Reserve Police Force CRPF ordered 12000 Micro Tavor (X-95) rifles (designation X-95), with the rifles entering service in early 2011. Following the use of the weapon by Indian forces fighting the insurgency in Kashmir, CRPF commanders have stated that the X-95 is a more effective assault rifle than the AKM, due to its small size, power, longer range and lighter weight.

In 2016, IWI announced that it was establishing a 49:51 joint venture with Punj Lloyd in India, in order manufacture rifle components in India.

Other Features

The Zittara has Bull pup configuration making the weapon only 59 cms long and 3kgs in weight.It is based on Itegrated aimimg system and equipped with  Reflex sight + integral laser pointer.

The weapon  has the outstanding day and night continuous fighting capability with No Zeroing needed  that makes its quite dangerous weapon.It has advanced ergonomic design and ideal for Close quarter battle (CQB) with all calibers.Zittara Multi-Purpose Carbine and Assault Rifle,Ofb,Indian Army

The weapon has high accuracy and appropriate for right or left-hand shooter.The weapon built in such a way that it can increase the comfort level in shooting and holding.It has improved hit probability than its base version.

There is interchangeability of barrel and magazine for both calibers and there is also a attachment of Advanced sighting system directly to barrel.


  5.56×45 mm INSAS & NATO 5.56×30 mm 9×19 mm
(Weapon only)
3 kg 3 kg 3 kg
Method of operation Closed Bolt Position Closed Bolt Position Blow Back
Total Length 59 cm 59 cm 59 cm
Barrel length 33 cm 33 cm 33 cm
Muzzle Velocity 890 m/sec 650 m/sec 410 m/sec
Rate of Fire 750 – 950 rds/min 900 rds/min 650 rds/min
Magazine 30 rds 30 rds 30 rds


Contact for Trade:To official Website of OFB (http://www.ofb.gov.in)

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