USA’s B-21 VS India’s AURA|Stealth Bomber Aircraft Comparison|Future Projects


USA’s  B-21 VS India’s AURA|Stealth Bomber Aircraft Comparison|Future Projects

The Northrop Grumman B-21 is a bomber aircraft under development by Northrop Grumman. As part of the Long Range Strike Bomber program (LRS-B), it is to be a long-range strategic bomber for the United States Air Force, intended to be a heavy-payload stealth aircraft capable of carrying thermonuclear weapons.

Whereas the AURA is an autonomous unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) being developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation for the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.The Main role of AURA is to deploy as Unmanned Stealth Bomber.

The design work on the  Unmanned Stealth Bomber is to b carried out by Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA). The ADA describes the AURA as a “Self-Defending high-speed reconnaissance UAV with weapon capability”.The AURO is UCAV with long range and have properties of ‘Stealth’ which makes it almost undetectable on defence radars.Read Full Article on DRDO’s AURA

Roles and Capabilities

The USAs’s B-21 could also be a Intelligence Gatherer,Battle manager and a Interceptor.It will  capable of performing all the three roles .

USA’s  B-21 VS India’s AURA|Stealth Bomber Aircraft Comparison|Future Projects

Expected or Similar design to B-21 Bomber

Whereas the DRDO AURA capable of releasing missiles,bombs and precision-guided munitions and will act as the ultimate ‘force multiplier’ and ‘game changer’ in any battle scenario of the future.

Similarities Between the USA B-21 Stealth Bomber and India’s AURA Stealth Bomber

The design of both the Stealth bombers are somewhat similar.However the detailed design report and technical details for both bombers are still wrapped in mystery due to security issues.

USA’s  B-21 VS India’s AURA|Stealth Bomber Aircraft Comparison|Future Projects

Expected Design of India’s AURA

Both the bombers are heavy penetration strategic bomber and specially designed for penetrating dense anti-aircraft defences.Both the bombers are expected to deploy conventional and thermonuclear weapons .However the USA B-21 Is expected to be equipped with laser or microwave weapon to defend ships.

Stealth Technology

The USA’s B-21 Bomber will enables the new feature  i.e it act as Battle Manger even in well-defended airspace.Unlike Today’s stealth bombers which are integrated with massive radars and rigid protruding antennas that light up the enemy radar screens like a Christmas tree,The B-21 Bomber slip act as a quarterback for other forces once it gets over contested airspace.

It will slip undetected into the contested airspace by using its high-Bandwidth communications to send information and even directions to satellites,other  aircraft and even ground forces by gathering and crunching the data .So that it could steer other aircraft around hidden SAM batteries.

Whereas the India’s AURA Bomber has the stealth shape and it will be painted with special paint that absorb the radar signals coming from the enemy’s side and cannot send them back and hence not detectable by radar.

Level of Intelligence

The India’s AURA will carry the rail-launching for the missiles,bombs and Precision-guided munitions.The Bomber easily deployed in DEEP penetration strike,Suppression of enemy air defences,Strategic reconnaissance and electronic warfare.

The bomber is integrated with most powerful intricate and unconquerable communications and data-link architecture that can control the UAV along with lethal payload from the hundreds of miles away.These smart weapons for surgical strikes make it the best future bomber of India.

Whereas the USA B-21 bomber will be embedded with unique sensors suite in the aircraft’s skin that will allow the aircraft to vacuum up information about the battle-space .IT will be able to crunch sensor data by itself instead of having send to down to intelligence centres on the ground.

The antennas embedded in its skin allow the aircraft to get detailed pictures of the ground and sky around them.However its powerful antennas when combined with long range missiles could give the bomber a new role :Interceptor.It could shoot down the aircrafts ,something today’s bombers cannot do,in order to give its aircrew an extra layer of protection.

In the End

Both the Bombers are Under development stage and Both countries spending lots of money and technology for making their bombers Best of all.Let us see what the two nations will get.


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  2. Aura is not a “strategic bomber” .. do u even know wat a strategic bomber is? Ugh disgusting article..

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