UAC/HAL Il-214 Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA),Indian Air Force

Multirole transport Aircraft

UAC/HAL Il-214 Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA),Indian Air Force

The UAC/HAL II-214 Multi-role Transport Aircraft (MTA) is  a medium-airlift military Transport aircraft which is being developed  as a joint venture of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Russia and Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) of India. The companies are investing US$300 million each in the project.

The MTA is expected to replace the Indian Air Force 110 Antonov An-32 fleet of transport aircraft.The main objective to design the aircraft is to perform regular transport duties and also to deploy paratroopers.The aircraft is also used for parachuting of military personnel,equipment and cargo onto platforms and low altitude free-drop delivery of cargo.The aircraft is expected to take it first flight by 2017 and enters in IAF by 2018.

UAC/HAL Il-214 Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA),Indian Air Force

Design And Development Phase

In October 2009, former Indian Defence Minister A. K. Antony made an official visit to Russia, during which the two countries formally incorporated the joint venture. The governments of Russia and India agreed to produce the aircraft for their respective armed forces and for friendly third-party countries, and to develop a civilian variant of the MTA in the form of a 100-seater passenger airplane, for which Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) – owned by the Indian government – will be the lead partner and principal integrator. The Indian portion of the MTA’s serial production would take place at HAL’s Transport Aircraft Division in Kanpur.

India and Russia finalised arrangements to support the MTA’s development with a contribution of US$300.35 million. Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and India’s HAL will set up a subsidiary company to develop the aircraft. The new company, supported by US$600.7 million in funding, will begin work on developing the MTA immediately. HAL Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Ashok Nayak confirmed that India would acquire 45 aircraft and Russia 105. There would, however, be scope for exporting the aircraft, both for civil and military use, and more MTAs could be manufactured. In October 2012, HAL signed a preliminary design contract with UAC, stipulating that joint design work would begin in Moscow, involving 30 Indian engineers as well as UAC’s design team.

Engine,Performance and Other Specifications (Expected)

The aircraft is expected to be powered by Russian made 2X Aviadvigatel PD-14 m turbofan engines that are capable of producing 152.98 kn of thrust each.The engines will be attached to top-mounted wings and will have a T-Shaped tail.The aircraft is 37.7 m long,12.95 m high with the wingspan of 35.5 m.

The aircraft has  crew capacity of 3 members with 70-150 capacity of passengers.It will carry the payload of 20,000 kgs of military and civilian cargo with the expected range of 3250 km and ferry range of 7300 km.The aircraft has a maximum speed of 870km/h and cruising speed of 810km/h with the fuel capacity of 25,000 kgs.The aircraft has service ceiling of 13,100 m and it can run the distance of 1,050m at the time of take-of and landing.

UAC/HAL Il-214 Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA),Indian Air Force


India has cancelled existing international tender on medium-lift military transport aircraft in Feb 2015 and instead purchase Multi-Role Transport Aircraft (MTA) designed and being manufactured jointly by India and Russia.

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