Top 7 Reasons Why Pakistan’s SUPARCO is not successful as India’S ISRO|Controversy

Top 7 Reasons Why Pakistan’s SUPARCO is not successful as India’S ISRO|Controversy

India’s ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is the space agency of the  Indian government headquartered in the city of Bengaluru. Its vision is to “harness space technology for national development, while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration”It was Established in 15th August 1969.

Pakistan SUPARCO (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission ) is an executive and bureaucratic space agency of the Government of Pakistan, responsible for the nation’s public and civil space programme and for aeronautics and aerospace research.

Its mission statement and objective is to conduct peaceful research in space technology and promote the technology for socio-economic uplift of the country.It was Established in 16th Septmeber 1961.

Here are the Top 7 reasons Why Pakistan’s SUPARCO is not Successful as India’s ISRO|Controversy

1)Pakistan’s only Noble prize laureate ‘Dr. Abdus Salam’ was the brain behind SUPARCO. The only achievement that Pakistan can boast of is the successful launch of its first fully functional communication satellite, the Paksat-1R.This satellite, however, it was not indigenous built. China was behind Paksat-1R’s design, built, launch and even funding; only a few components were built in Pakistan.

2)India, on the other hand, has been able to launch over 60 satellites to date . It has even managed to launch its own unmanned lunar probe, the Chandrayaan-1, Mars mission . Now ISRO is planning to launch its solar mission.

3)ISRO is administered by the scientists themselves . It has been kept kept shielded from politics.  On the other hand SUPARCO is run by the retired military gen of Pak army who has very little knowledge of the space science.

4)ISRO is backed by a government that knows its priorities and backs the agencies accordingly. Pakistan govt is too obsessed with other motives of theirs.

5)Indian government has always emphasis the need of studying science , its application to make the life of common man more comfortable and using the same as a tool for economic development. But this sector has always neglected by the Pak government as they think that spending money on science and technology is not worth it.

6)Religion has always been mixed with the state affairs as well as in education. This policy of the government has brought Pakistan on the back foot in every sector where education especially science is involved.

7)Corruption is the inseparable part of the Pak institutions. This has weakened the state’s institutions including SUPARCO

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