Top 5 Improvisation in T-90M Bhishma,Improved Version of T-90S,MBD Indian Army


Top 5 Improvisation in T-90M Bhishma,Improved Version of T-90S,MBD Indian Army

In 2001, India bought 310 T-90S tanks from Russia, of which 120 were delivered complete, 90 in semi-knocked down kits, and 100 in completely knocked down kits. The T-90 was selected because it is a direct development of the T-72 that India already employs with 60% logistics commonality with T-90 simplifying training and maintenance. India bought the T-90 after the delay in production of the domestically developed Arjun main battle tank.

A follow-on contract, worth $800 million, was signed on October 26, 2006, for another 330 T-90M “Bhishma” MBTs that were to be manufactured in India by Heavy Vehicles Factory at Avadi, Tamil Nadu.

The T-90M Bhisma is a customised,improved version of the T-90S,which India developed with assistance from Russia an France,with both of whom Indian has very close ties.

India plans to have 21 tank regiments of T-90s by 2020, with 45 combat tanks and 17 training and replacement tanks per regiment, for 62 total each.On 17 September 2013, India’s Defence Ministry approved the production of 235 T-90 tanks under Russian licence for $1 billion.

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Here are the Top 5 Improvisation than included in T-90M Bhisma,Improved Version of T-90S

1)The T-90M tank is equipped with French Thales built Catherine-FC thermal sights which is housed in additional provided internal volume.

2) Semi-active baffle plates and ceramic layers with high tensile proprieties are employed in T-90 base armour.Aslo the additional cryogenic cooling system is provided for new generations thermal imagers.

3) Even more advanced armour composition was implemented in the welded turrets of domestic T-90s and on export T-90 Bhishma tanks for India.

4)It was equipped with latest foreign M829A2/KEW-A2 APFSDS ammunitions.Also it is fitted with with an enhanced environmental control ssytem supplied by Israel’s Kinetics for providing air to the fighting compartment.

5)T-90M features the ‘Kaktus K-6’ bolted explosive reactive armour (ERA) package on its frontal hull and turret-top (the T-90S has ‘Kontakt-5’ ERA).

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