Top 10 Most Ambitious Ingenious Upcoming Projects Indian Air Force 2016

Top 10 Most Ambitious Ingenious Upcoming Projects Indian Air Force 2016

The Indian Air Force has been undergoing a modernization program to replace and upgrade its ageing and outdated equipment  For that reason it has started procuring and developing aircraft, weapons, associated technologies, and infrastructures.So here in this you came to know about the Top 10 Most ambitious Ingenious Upcoming Projects Indian Air Force 2016.

They are Fifth Generation Aircrafts,Helicopters,UCAVs Drones,Transport Aircrafts,Airborne Early warning and Control system,Combat Aircrafts and Trainer aircrafts.In this topic almost Top 10 Most ambitious Ingenious Upcoming Projects Indian Air Force 2016 are covered. So let us discuss one by one just sit back and enjoy the reading.

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Top 10 Most ambitious Ingenious Upcoming Projects Indian Air Force 2016

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1)Sukhoi/HAL FGFA Fifth generation Fighter Aircraft


The Sukhoi/HAL Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) or Perspective Multi-Role Fighter (PMF) is a fifth-Generation fighter being developed by India and Russia.It is basically the variant or derivative project from the PAK FA (T-50 is the prototype) Being developed for the Indian Air Force.The PMF will include a total of 43 improvements over the T-50.There will be two separate prototypes will be developed,mabe by Russia and one separate one by India.Russia’ version is of single seat and India’s Version is of two seat.

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Sources said the new fighter will cost Russia and India $6 billion to develop,and India will pay about 35% of the cost.It will take 8-10 years to develop FGFA.It is expected that Sukhoi/HAL FGFA will join Indian Air Force in 2019 as previously it was decided that it will join IAF in 2017 but Indian Ministry of defence (MOD)announced a two-year delay.By August 2014,The united Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has completed the front end engineering design for the FGFA for which a contract has been signed with India’s HAL in 2010.

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Indian Air Force wants the Sukhoi FGFA to fulfill its futuristic requirements,across the entire spectrum of warfare from ,low-intensity conflicts and conventional wars to nuclear-weapon delivering capabilities.Continue…

2)HAL Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA)


The HAL Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) is an Indian Proposal for a fifth-generation fighter aircraft being developed and designed by India’s aeronautical Development Agency and to be manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

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The Single seat,twin engine,stealth supermaneuverable all weather multirole fighter aircraft is designed for the air superiority,ground attack,bombing,intercepting and for other types of roles.It comprises the supercruise,stealth,AESA radar,manoeuvrability and advanced avionics to overcome and suppress previous generation fighter aircraft along with many ground and maritime defences.HAL AMCA would be the third supersonic jet of Indian origin after HAL Marut and HAL Tejas.Continue…

3)DRDO AEW&CS – Airborne Early Warning and Control 


The Airborne early Warning and control System (AEWACS) is a project of India’s defence Research and development organisation to develop an airborne early warning and control system for the Indian Air force.It is multisensor AEW&C system on a carrier jet being developed by DRDO in collaboration with CAB(Cantre for Airborne Systems) that provides an airborne surveillance system.It is the first native AEW system being developed by DRDO and CAB.

The DRDO AEW&C system is specially developed to serve IAF in detection and tracking,identification and classification of threats,guidance and interception control,display of air situation picture and multisensor data integration.It also help the armed force to make communication with other aircrafts and with other AEW&C assests and also it allows for Search and Rescue Operations,mission planning as well as record and replay for post mission analysis.Continue…

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4)UAC/HAL Il-214 Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA)


The UAC/HAL II-214 Multi-role Transport Aircraft (MTA) is  a medium-airlift military Transport aircraft which is being developed  as a joint venture of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Russia and Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) of India. The companies are investing US$300 million each in the project.

The MTA is expected to replace the Indian Air Force 110 Antonov An-32 fleet of transport aircraft.The main objective to design the aircraft is to perform regular transport duties and also to deploy paratroopers.The aircraft is also used for parachuting of military personnel,equipment and cargo onto platforms and low altitude free-drop delivery of cargo.The aircraft is expected to take it first flight by 2017 and enters in IAF by 2018.Continue…

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    If PAk and China will ask from the Graveyards of Paten Tanks, they will come to know that no one can stop Indian Armed Forces.

    Indian Armed Forces Spirit is so high that we can touch the sky without wings and now we received Sukhoi like wings more.

    Jiss din IAF ne Pakistan ke akash mein udan bhari inko Tandav ka matlab samjha degi IAF

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    DRDO have kaberi tarbin engin it have 83kn throught. OK it don’t use in LCA because Indian air force ned 95kn. Then make a new aircraft which is chipper then LCA and its only work is bombing. Then we have a light weight bomber. Which is better then mig 27. Might 27 is very old.

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