Things to Know Before You Start Preparing UPSC Exam 2016

Things to Know Before You Start Preparing UPSC Exam 2016


It is a well known fact to all of us that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the agency entrusted by the central government with the affairs of various competitive exams for civil services posts across the country.

The exams by the UPSC are carried out in two parts- UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains.

The Prelims mainly consists of multiple choice question types whereas the mains exam has questions in essay style.

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The points mentioned below are must know facts before you initiate preparing for the UPSC Exam 2016:

  1. Remember the Exam dates of UPSC Exam

As per the rules, the exam dates are bound to change. Hence candidates are advised to keep a constant track of the UPSC’s Official site.

  1. Get the Personal Interview Score evaluated

Since the IAS exams are highly competitive in nature, it is advisable for the candidate to check their Personal Interview (PI) score also called quotient regularly so that they would get a clear idea about the preparation process. The personality test performance during the interview process would be an integral part for your candidature.

  1. Fix a goal

Under the umbrella of UPSC Exam there are various categories like IFS, IPS and IAS. It is advisable for all candidates to keep a goal aimed at a specific category so that they could prepare better by focusing on one goal at a time.

  1. How to serve the Nation

Since the Union Public Service Commission civil services exam is mainly aimed at creating civil servants whose main aim is to serve the nation, candidates should be clear on how and why they would like to serve the nation as this factor would be assessed during various parts of the examination ranging from written test to the interview. The students have to plan strategically that would take them ahead of their competitors while preparing for the exam.

  1. Know that IAS preparation would be a challenging one

During the preparation for these sorts of competitive exams, there would be no specific answer for the frequently asked questions like how much hours would be necessary to prepare for IAS Exam. All these would be fully dependent on the caliber of the student.

Opinion of the Experts:

  • As per the opinion of some experts the candidates should prepare extensively for a minimum of 10 to 12 months.
  • The candidates are expected to chart their strategy and on how many hours to be spent for putting the plan into action.
  • The preparation should be focused on quality instead of quantity as the Union Public Service Commission gives its attention to the former one.
  • Candidates should ensure that they have covered at least two subjects in a day. From their observation, most top rank holders had started their preparation from their days of schooling and most questions are from

Class VI to Class XII.

  • There is no necessity to state that students should get the right mentorship and study materials to crack these exams.


  1. Keep a syllabus draft and prepare accordingly

For instance, if the student is from the stream of biology, he/she would be quiet familiar with words like “anabolism”. These are sub- topics in biology and candidates could break their IAS syllabus into smaller segments so that they could focus on each one of them individually. This would also help in identifying the topics that easy for you and the ones that are harder.

  1. Enjoy the process

Since the preparation for UPSC is quiet lengthy in nature, it is advisable that the candidates enjoy the ride of preparation rather than stressing about the end result as the destination is way far ahead. Most candidates sacrifice their hobbies while preparing for these exams which should not be and instead they should pursue their hobbies along with their preparations .

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