SSB Interview Books:Top 7 Best Books To Crack SSB Interview,Preparation Tips & Hacks


SSB Interview Books:Top 7 Best Books To Crack SSB Interview,Preparation Tips & Hacks

SSB interviews are the gateway for those aspiring to enter the Indian Defence services.After Clearing any of the Written Exam at all levels whether graduates,Post Graduates or Class XII you will have to appear for SSB Interview for Ultimate Selection.

And to Clear SSB Interview is not a easy task but the way out is always there.The Best Way to Crack SSB Interview in Short Duration without going for SSB Coaching Centres is Prepare for SSB Interview Through Books.

Here in this Article we’ve listed the Top 7 Best Books to Crack SSB Interview.Every aspirant must go through and prepare from these books to Crack SSB Interview in Short Duration without the SSB Interview Coachings.

These Books will Help candidates to clear Personal Interview,Basic Screening tests, Psychological tests, Group testing, Personality Development, Service-Career details and Current Affairs and General Knowledge.

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So Here is the List of Top 7 Best Books to Crack SSB Interview

#1 Let’s Crack SSB Interview 




This SSB Interview book by is an insight to the procedure adapted at Service Selection Boards, for the selection into the Indian Armed Forces. Certainly if you are reading this, you, or somebody you know, is an Armed Forces’ aspirant. Pick this one, and we promise you won’t regret buying it. This book is unique in many ways. Right from defining the procedure of SSB interview in a different manner, to having exclusive articles, contents and points related to Armed Forces. The book will in all possible ways, guide you in the right direction of glory.

Highlights Of This Book:

  • SSB interview in a redefined manner.
  • Success mantra for each task.
  • Exclusive content for SSB repeaters.
  • Experience of successful recommended candidates.
  • Articles on personality development.
  • Guest interview with recommended candidates.





This book is analytical, and covers all the requisite topics/chapters, including Basic Screening tests, Psychological tests, Group testing, Personal Interview, Personality Development, Service-Career details and Current Affairs and General Knowledge. It contains vital & relevant information, tips, guidelines and concepts have been properly explained and reasonably described , with the help of diagrams/ pictures/flow charts /sketches, etc wherever possible.

In the appendix, candidates are provided, all additional forms and formats, including additional topics for practice, which could not be included in the main chapters. Also ,this is a first book by a serving officer on the subject, hence is current, relevant and very much up to date, with latest policies and guidelines for the SSB procedure. This book is essential for candidates aspiring to become Leaders & Officers in the Indian Armed Forces.

#3 SSB Interview: The Complete Guide 




In this new and updated edition the author takes the candidates through the various stages of the SSB test. He lists out the different phases of the tests that are conducted in exact sequential order with his vast experience in this field. The content in this new edition has been divided into two parts and nine sections. The first part addresses the screening tests, which includes verbal, non-verbal, picture perception and discussion tests followed by psychological tests, group testing, interview techniques and conference procedure. The second part covers service-related information, geo-politics and national issues.


  • Simplified and reader-friendly approach towards all necessary steps: Screening Test; Psychological Test Series; Group Testing Series; Interview Techniques and Conference Procedure.
  • Coverage of essential topics like Service Related Information; Geo-Politics and National Issues





This informative book is designed for the candidates appearing for SSB interviews. The book will also help and enable them to solve all types of Intelligence Tests including PABT. All the Chapters and Topics covered in the book pertain to the all round development of personality and the three techniques i.e. Psychological Tests with examples, GTO Tasks, Interview technique have been covered in detail. In addition, some important topics related with the Personality Development such as creativity, stress management, attitude, value education and life skills have also been covered at length. Attempt has also been made for the candidates to read handy tips/guidelines mentioned in each topic. A must book for all SSB aspirants.

#5 Modern Ssb Interviews 




Modern SSB Interviews is a detailed look at the entire interview and selection process of the SSB. This is followed by a chapter dedicated to outlining the prerequisites for admission to the same. Subsequent chapters comprehensively cover various aspects of the SSB, such as the factors assessed, the five-day cycle, the basic screening test, information required from the candidate, and trainability of the candidate. Relevant topics like hobbies, interview techniques, and psych techniques are also covered in the book. The book ends with a chapter that gives proper guidelines to help the candidates prepare for the interview.




#7 How To Crack SSB Interview 




Table of Content: 1. Information about SSB Boards 2. Candidates attending SSB Interview 3. What is SSB Interview 4. Routine at SSB 5. What SSB Board checks in a candidate 6. Officer Like Qualities 7. Day of Reporting 8. Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) Screening Test 9. About Screening Test 10. Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) 11. OIR Model Test 12. Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PPDT) Psychological Test 13. About Psychological Test 14. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) 15. Word Association Test (WAT) 16. Situation Reaction Test (SRT) 17. Self Description Test (SDT) Group Testing Series 18. About Group Testing Series 19. Group Discussion 20. Group Planning Exercise 21. Progressive Group Task 22. Group Obstacle Race / Snake Race 23. Individual Obstacles 24. Half Group Task 25. Command Task 26. Lecturette 27. Command Task 28. Final Group Taskc Personal Interview 29. How to tackle Interview at SSB 30. List of questions asked in Personal Interview Final Board Conference 31. Conference at SSB Pilot Aptitude Battery Test 32. Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) 33. Indian Armed Forces.

So its time for Preparation.Good Luck!

For any query Comment Below.We are Happy to assist You.Stay Tuned For More Updates.


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