S-400 (SA-21 Growler) Air Defence Missile System,Indian Army

S-400 (SA-21 Growler) Air Defence Missile System,Indian Army

The S-4000 Triumph (Western designation SA-21 Growler) is an air defence missile system developed by Almaz Central Design bureau of Russia.It is an upgrade of the S-300 family and replaced the S-300P and S-200 air defence systems of the Russian Army.

The system entered service in April 2007 and the first S-400 was deployed in combat in August 2007. Russia set up four S-400 regiments defending national airspace in the Moscow region, the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad, and the Eastern Military District.

The air defence units of Southern Military District are expected to be rearmed with advanced S-400 Triumph by the end of 2012. Over 20 battalions of S-400 Triumph will be delivered to the Russian armed forces by 2015. Russia plans to induct 56 S-400 battalions by 2020.

Indian Army’s Induction Plan of S-400 in Air Defence

In October 2015, it was reported that India’s Defence Acquisition Committee was set to clear an Indian Air Force proposal for buying 12 S-400 systems. India has obtained a contract to acquire S-400 anti-ballistic missile systems from Moscow at a cost of around Rs 70,000 crores on November 2, 2015 during a visit by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

S-400 (SA-21 Growler) Air Defence Missile System,Indian Army

S-400 (SA-21 Growler) Air Defence Missile System,Indian Army

On 17 December 2015 the government of Indian cleared an approximately Rs.30,000 crore plan to purchase  five units of Russian S-400 Triumph air Defence Missile System after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Moscow.

MOD decision to give Indian Army the S-400 Triump air defence Missile System ,which is in service only with the Russian military may yields very fruitful as it would provide a credible anti-ballistic missile (ABM) shield to cities like Delhi and Mumbai,which would figure high on the target list of any adversary.

The S-400 system would complement an indigenous ABM system that the Defence R&D Organisation (DRDO) has been developing and testing for a decade.

According to the sources, the deal is expected to cost around Rs 30,000 crore ($4.52 billion) but that the final price tag would be negotiated during the procurement process.

S-400 Triumph Design and Features

The S-400 Triumph can engage all types of aerial targets including aircrafts,unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV),and ballistic and cruise missile within the range of 400-600 km.The system also capable of engaging stealth aircraft at an altitude of up to 56 km.The system can simultaneously engage 36 targets at one time.

S-400 (SA-21 Growler) Air Defence Missile System,Indian Army

The S-400 System can target Strategic bombers,Electronic warfare airplanes,Reconnaissance airplanes,Early-Warning radar airplane,fighter airplanes ,ballistic and cruise missile and fighter aircrafts.

The latest S-400 can engaged 80 targets at one time at the speed of Mach 14 (17,000 km/h,11,000 mph).The system has response time less than 10 second which makes it very dangerous weapon.It can also target Strategic bombers,Electronic warfare airplanes,Reconnaissance airplanes,Early-Warning radar airplane,fighter airplanes etc.

The S-400 Triumph air defence system integrates a multifunction radar,anti-aircraft missile systems,launchers,autonomous detection and targeting systems and command and control centre.It is capable of firing four types of missiles to create a layered defence shield.

The system is most advanced and two times more effective than previous Air defence system and can be deployed within five minutes with the response time less than 10 seconds.

 S-400 Triumph Missiles

The S-400 air defence missile system uses four new missile types. It can also launch missiles of the S-300PMU2. A single TEL vehicle can carry a mix of four missiles, depending on specific threat environment.

The first missile inducted for the system was the 48N6DM (48N6E3). It is an improved variant of the 48N6M with powerful propulsion system. The missile can destroy airborne targets within the range of 250km.

S-400 (SA-21 Growler) Air Defence Missile System,Indian Army

The S-400 air defence missile system uses four new missile types

The second missile of S-400 is 40N6 that has claimed range of 400 km.It uses active radar homing to intercept air targets at great distances. It can be launched against AWACS, J-STARS, EA-6B support jammers and other high-value targets.

The S-400 Triumph also launches 9M96E and 9M96E2 medium range ground-to-air missiles. Designed for direct impact, the missiles can strike fast moving targets such as fighter aircraft with a high hit probability. The maximum range of the 9M96 missile is 120km.The missile weighs 333 kg and 420 kg respectively and uses Active radar horming.

All the missiles are directed explosion warhead, it increases the chance of complete destruction goals. The missiles are fired by a gas system from the launch tube and sent off more than 30 meters into the air before the rocket motor ignites.This increases the maximum range, and decreases the minimum.

Launch Vehicle,Mobility and Control and Command unit

The S-400 TEL(Transporter-Erector-Launcher) semitrailer is towed by a BAZ-64022 6×6 tractor truck. Radar of the S-400 Triumph is carried by the MZKT-7930 8×8 truck. The TEL vehicle can carry up to four launch tubes holding a mix of missiles.S-400 (SA-21 Growler) Air Defence Missile System,Indian Army

Battery acquisition radar is also carried by the same vehicle. Command post is based on the Ural-532301 8×8 truck. The command post is equipped with LCD consoles to process the air space surveillance data of the individual batteries. It controls and monitors long-range surveillance radar, tracks airborne threats, prioritises the threats, and coordinates other batteries.


The S-400 system is integrated with 92N6E fire control and target tracking radar which is based on the  MZKT-7930 8×8 vehicle.It is also carry 96L6 Cheese Board 3D surveillance and tracking radar on the same vehicle .

The 91N6E Big Bird acquisition and battle management radar of the S-400 is based on the 8×8 trailer. The radar can detect and track aircraft, rotorcraft, cruise missiles, guided missiles, drones and ballistic rockets within the distance of 600km. It can simultaneously track up to 300 targets.


S-500,The upgraded version of S-400 is in under development in Russia.It is long range air defence and anti-ballistic missile system.It comprises of new anti-ballistic missiles 77N6 and 77N6-N1 that supposedly add inert/kinetic anti-ballistic capacbility to the system.

Also check this video of S-400 (SA-21 Growler)  Air Defence Missile System,Indian Army

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