Prahaar Missile Tactical Ballistic Missile,SRBM,Indian Armed Forces

Prahaar Missile Tactical Ballistic Missile,SRBM,Indian Armed Forces

Prahaar is a solid-Fuel rocket Surface-to-Surface guided short-range tactical Ballistic missile by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India. The Prahaar Missile system is developed to provide Indian Army a cost effective, quick reaction, all weather, all terrain, high accurate battle field support tactical system.The Missile is equipped with omnidirectional Warheads and Could be used for Striking both tactical and Strategic targets.


The development of the missile was carried out by the DRDO scientists in a span of less than two years.The missile fills the short-range tactical battlefield missile role as required by the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force, to take out strategic and tactical targets.

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According to DRDO sources, India’s interceptor missile was converted into Prahaar. Other sources claim Prahaar is the Israeli LORA missile. India imported this missile from Israel and later it would be manufactured in India with Indian paint scheme.Prahaar Missile Tactical Ballistic Missile,SRBM,Indian Armed Forces

Design and Features

Prahaar is the highly manoeuvrable precision strike, surface-to-surface tactical missile capable of being fired in salvo mode is all set to extend the reach of artillery fire to over 150 kilometres.Also in Salvo mode six Prahaar missiles can be fired with multiple targets.

The missile is 7.3 meters long,0.42 in Diameter and weighs 1280 Kg.It can carry conventional or nuclear warhead weighing up to 200 kg.

This short range missile would be an ‘Perfect weapon’ which would fill the gap between unguided multi-barrel rocket system ‘Pinaka’ with 40 km range and guided missiles like ‘Prithvi’, which can strike at 250 km to 350 km range.

Guidance System

The Missile is integrated with Inertial navigation System for detecting the location of its targets.IT is also incorporated with Terminal Active radar Homing Missile Guidance system that autonomously find and track target.

Propulsion and Performance

The missile can be propelled by using solid propellant.It can have a operational range of 150 km and flight altitude of 35 km.The average speed of missile is Mach 2.03 (2486.84 km/h).It can cover its full range in just 250 seconds and hit the target with accuracy less than 10 m.

Launch Platform

The Prahaar Missile is launched form 8×8 Tatra Transporter Erector Launcher. The mobile launch platform will carry six missiles, which can have different kind of warheads meant for different targets and can be fired in salvo mode in all directions covering the entire azimuth plane.

Prahaar Missile Tactical Ballistic Missile,SRBM,Indian Armed Forces

The Missile can be launched within 2-3 minutes without any preparation ,providing significantly better reaction time than any other liquid Fuelled missiles.

Export Variant of Prahaar

India developed a new tactical surface-to-surface missile ‘Pragati’ with a range between 60-170 km and will offer it to friendly countries. The new missile is based on the Prahaar missile developed by the DRDO for the Army and can be termed as its export variant with minor differences. Pragati export version (max 170km range) shown during South Korean arms expo in 2013. This Export version of Prahaar is readied for export by DRDO in November 2014.Prahaar Missile Tactical Ballistic Missile,SRBM,Indian Armed Forces

Testing of Prahaar

Prahaar was test-fired successfully on 21 July 2011 from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur ,Orissa.During the test the missile hit the target with high degree of accuracy of less than 10 m fulfilling all the objectives .

After the Missile was test fired the DRDO Scientist said, “ The sophisticated missile was test fired from ITR’s launch pad-3 at about 8:15 am leaving behind its trajectory in an orange and white ribbon of smoke”.And he added that The missile witnessed a smooth vertical take-off from the launch pad and vital parameters will be analysed after mission data is retrieved.

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