OT-62 TOPAS,TOPAS-2A ,Reconnaissance,Technical Support Vehicle,Indian Army

OT-62 TOPAS,TOPAS-2A ,Reconnaissance,Technical Support Vehicle,Indian Army

The OT-62 TOPAS is a series of amphibious tracked armoured personnel carriers developed jointly by Poland and Czechoslovakia .This Reconnaissance vehicle is also act as Armoured personnel Carrier and is used to transport infantry to the battlefield.

India has presently three variants in service TOPAS,TOPAS-2A and FRT(Forward Repair Time vehicle) TOPAS.TOPAS-2A converted into Technical Support Vehicle which will provide technical support to the infantry in battlefield.

Indian Has total number of 20 TOPAS including TOPAS-2A (which is sued as Technical Support Vehicles) and FRT TOPAS.Check all other Reconnaissance vehciles in Indian Army

TOPAS5OT-62 TOPAS,TOPAS-2A ,Reconnaissance,Technical Support Vehicle,Indian Army

Current Status:Retired from service in the Indian Army


The OT-62 is a tracked amphibious vehicle that was jointly developed and used by Czechoslovakia and Poland. It is equivalent to the Soviet BTR-50PK APC and in appearance is almost identical to the BTR-50PU model 2 command vehicle with some significant differences.

These differences include higher road and water speeds, a fully enclosed troop compartment and in some versions, fully-enclosed armament installations rather than simple pintle-mounted machine guns. TOPAS is the official designation of this armoured personnel carrier with the designation “OT-62” often being used in the West.



The OT-62 has

  • six road wheels, no return rollers and a torsion bar suspension.
  • a wedge-shaped front and a lowered rear.
  • an enlarged bay on the right side of the crew compartment.
  • entry/exit doors on both sides of the troop compartment.
  • a commander’s cupola with a periscope mounted in the forward part and a hatch cover that opens forward and can be locked vertically.
  • three commander’s periscopes mounted in the front part of the left projecting bay.
  • a driver’s single-piece hatch cover in front of the vehicle that opens upward and has an integral vision block.
  • three periscopes below the driver’s hatch cover.
  • three observation periscopes in the right projecting bay.

The OT-62 TOPAS is a fully amphibious vehicle that is propelled through the water by canted twin water jets in the rear.

Engine and Propulsion

The OT-62 TOPAS is a fully amphibious vehicle that is propelled through the water by canted twin water jets in the rear. The hull is all-welded construction with the crew compartment at the front, troop compartment at the center and the engine at the rear. The commander is seated at the front of the vehicle in the left projecting bay with the driver seated to the right of the commander.

Variants (To be Used by Indian Army)

OT-62B or TOPAS-2A :This version used by Czechoslovakia and Indian Army .It has a mini-turret on the right front of the vehicle, which mounts a 82-mm recoilless gun externally and 7.62mm machine gun internally. Maximum rate of fire in rds/min for the 82-mm gun is one plus, depending upon the availability of an outside loader. Basic load for the 82-mm gun is 5 to 10 rounds.

OT-62 TOPAS,TOPAS-2A ,Reconnaissance,Technical Support Vehicle,Indian Army

OT-62 TOPAS,TOPAS-2A ,Reconnaissance,Technical Support Vehicle,Indian Army

WPT-TOPAS (literally Meaning  “Technical Support Vehicle”) : TOPAS converted into a technical support vehicle which was intended to evacuate damaged TOPAS APCs and PT-76 amphibious light tanks from the battlefield, especially the ones trapped by water obstacles with their amphibious ability broken. It was also intended to repair these vehicles in field conditions and bring medical help to the wounded crew members.

The Variant is equip with a winch with a maximum capacity of 2.5 tonnes, 600 m of cable used to pull out trapped vehicles, a manual crane with a maximum capacity of 1 tonne and capability to be fitted in different parts of the vehicle, stowage boxes with tools, devices and equipment used to repair damaged vehicles in field conditions, a welding set, pontoon, and equipment for divers.

 The vehicle is armed with a single PK general purpose machine gun mounted on the right side of the cupola with large v-shaped shield around it.

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Check this Video of OT-62 TOPAS,TOPAS-2A ,Reconnaissance,Technical Support Vehicle,Indian Army

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