NAMICA (NAG Missile Carrier),Advanced NAG Variant,Anti-Tank Weapon

NAMICA (NAG Missile Carrier),Advanced NAG Variant,Anti-Tank Weapon

This  is considered the one of the ghost weapon developed by India as many of us don’t even know about it.It is the mainly the 3rd generation Nag “fire-and-forget” anti-tank missile developed in India that is mounted on BMP-2 tank.It is one of five missile systems developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP).

NAMICA (Nag Missile Carrier) launch vehicle for the land version of the Nag a third generation, all weather, top-attack, fire-and-forget anti-tank missile with the Indian Army. It is based on the Sarath, the Indian built version of the Russian BMP-2 tracked infantry combat vehicle and this has a total of eight Nag ATGW in the ready to launch position, additional missiles being stowed inside. These can be reloaded from within the vehicle under full armour protection.

In addition to the tripod-mounted ground-based version of the Nag ATGW, there are at least three other versions – the self-propelled NAMICA and two helicopter-based versions. The latter will include the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH).

NAMICA (NAG missile carrier)part of the Nag anti-tank missile system which is launched from a retractable armoured launcher that contains four launch tubes and the guidance package. “Nag” is a fire-and-forget top-attack ATGM with a tandem-HEAT warhead.

NAMICA (NAG Missile Carrier),Advanced NAG Variant,Anti-Tank Weapon

The Indian Army has placed an initial order for 13 Namicas and 443 Nag missiles. They have projected a requirement for 200 Namicas and 7000 Nag missiles.


Work on Nag weapon system began in 1987 and the day version of the missile proved its mettle in 2000. Then the Army and DRDO top brass wanted the missile to have day and night capabilities, which is said to have developed in 2002. Later, the need for dual sensors was felt, including IR sensor for day/night and CCD (charged coupled device) for day. Finally, in 2007, the development of missile was completed along with NAMICA and user trials in phases were held during 2008-2010.NAMICA (NAG Missile Carrier),Advanced NAG Variant,Anti-Tank Weapon

Features and Capabilities

NAMICA contains 8 Nag missiles in armoured box launchers and a further 8 more for reload with a complete optical and IR sensor suite to detect enemy tanks.The missiles are work on fire and forget principle which increases their capability of hiting the target at even more than 5 kms of range.

Check out the 3rd generation NAG Anti  tank missilenag4

Nag is a third generation Fire and Forget anti tank missile developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO),India under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP).It is manufacuted by Bharat Dyanamics Limited (BDL) and in service from 2015 in Indian Army.

The target engaged in any conditions whether day or Night.It has the capability to cross any water body in the battlefield just like an amphibian. In lock-on-before-launch mode, the missile keeps acquiring the image of the target every 30 milliseconds right from the launch till the impact on target.The missile would be fired to destroy both moving and stationary targets during the trials.

NAMICA (NAG Missile Carrier),Advanced NAG Variant,Anti-Tank Weapon

The NAMICA retains the full amphibious capability of the Sarath and is fitted with an auxiliary propulsion unit (APU) as standard. This enables the onboard equipment, including the missile system, to be used with the main diesel engine switched off. BITE is fitted as standard. A tandem High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) warhead is fitted to counter Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) fitted with explosive reactive armour.

The Nag is ejected from its launch tube by the combined thrust of the booster and sustainer propulsion systems after which the fins unfold. The airframe sections are made of high strength, low-weight composite materials as are the folded wings and fins, with the booster and sustainer rocket motors being made by high strength aluminium alloy. The missile uses a high energy Nitramine based smokeless propellant.

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