Israeli Spyder QR-SAM Vs India’s DRDO Akash,Missiles Strength Comparison,Images,Wiki

Israeli Spyder QR-SAM Vs India's DRDO Akash,Missiles Strength Comparison,Images,WikiIsraeli Spyder QR-SAM Vs India's DRDO Akash,Missiles Strength Comparison,Images,Wiki

Israeli Spyder QR-SAM Vs India’s DRDO Akash,Missiles Strength Comparison,Images,Wiki

The SPYDER is an Israeli short and medium range mobile air defence system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems with assistance from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Akash is a medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile defence system developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO),Bharat Dynamics Limites (BDL) for missile system,Ordnance Factories board and Bharat electronics(BEL) for other systems in India.

Israeli Spyder QR-SAM Vs India’s DRDO Akash,Missiles Strength Comparison,Images,Wiki

Specification Comparison



The SPYDER is a low-level, quick-reaction surface-to-air missile system capable of engaging aircraft, helicopters, unmanned air vehicles, drones, and precision-guided munitions. It provides air defence for fixed assets and for point and area defence for mobile forces in combat areas. The system is fitted atop a Tatra truck, a Mercedes-Benz Actros truck, a MAN TGS truck, Scania P-series truck, or a Dongfeng truck.

The Akash Missile can be launched from static or mobile platforms and can handle multitarget and destroy manoeuvring targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), fighter aircraft, cruise missiles and missiles launched from helicopters.The SAM system also defends vulnerable areas in all weather conditions against medium-range air targets being attacked from low,medium and high altitudes.

Missiles and Guidance System

The Israeli made SPYDER (Quick Reaction SAM) or QRSAM is a network-centric, multi-launch and self-propelled missile system. A typical battery consists one central command and control unit, six missile firing units, and a resupply vehicle.

There are two variants of the SPYDER: the SPYDER-SR (short range) and the SPYDER-MR (medium range).The SPYDER-SR uses the EL/M-2106 ATAR radar while the SPYDER-MR incorporates the EL/M-2084 MMR radar. The latter is the same radar used by the Iron Dome system currently in service with the Israel Defense Forces.\


Whereas The Akash SAM can operate autonomously and engage and neutralise different aerial targets simultaneously. The integral rocket motor/ramjet booster and sustainer motor propel the  Akash SAM system .It also consists of a switchable guidance antenna system, a command guidance unit, an on board power supply, a system arming and detonation mechanism, digital autopilot, radars and C4I centres.

Features Israel SPYDER QR-SAM India’ Akash
Length 3.1 m 5.78 m
Weight 105 kg 720 kg
Diameter 160 mm 350 mm
Warhead 11 kg Phython-5 60 kg High Explosive
Detonation Mechanism Active laser and electromagnetic proximity fuse with back-up impact fuse RF Proximity Fuse
Launch Platform Tatra truck

Mercedes-Benz Actros truck

MAN TGS truck

Scania P-series truck

Dongfeng truck

Ashok Leyland truck
Flight Ceiling 29,528 ft 59,000 ft
Speed Mach 4 Mach 3
Guidance system Infrared homing and electro-optical imaging Command Guidance

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  • India the great

    I know why India army wants Israeli QR SAM. Because its detonation mechanism. Laser and electro magnetic proximity fuse and Net centric and little more speed and it can easily neutralise even or may be tactical nuclear warheads.Amazing iron dome radar do wonders.

    • onkar

      can you pls tell how laser anf em proxmimty fuse is better than rf proximity fuse?

      • ashhsingh

        Laser EM Proximity Fuse is way much advance and it’s precision is very high whereas the RF Proximity Fuse is a world war 2 era technology is consider outdated it depends on radio frequency only.
        Compared to that Laser EM was developed in 1990’s and can even deal with stealthy undetectable sophisticated aircrafts & various jammers used on it for protection.

  • Dum dum

    I don’t think Akash is a mobile system. There were issues and IAF had definitely inducted Akash for fixed point defence of their assets. Indian Army has issues with Akash as a mobile platform which are yet to be sorted out.

  • ashhsingh

    Akash missile have Mach 2 speed their are talks to upgrade to Mach3 & that to in Akash mk2.
    It’s a very slow Indian SAM & army is against inducting more of mk 1 .

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