INSAS LMG 5.56 mm Light Machine Gun,Foldable Butt,OFB,Indian Armed Forces

INSAS LMG 5.56 mm Light Machine Gun,Foldable Butt,OFB,Indian Armed Forces

INSAS LMG 5.56 mm is a gas operated weapon with rotating bolt locking system which can fire in S.S./Auto system.It is manufactured at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli.It is the Standard issue Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) of the Indian Army.

ROLE and Safety

The weapon is used for providing covering fire during assault by infantry. It resembles LMG 5.56 INSAS fixed butt in all features except that it has a foldable butt as well as a shorter length barrel to reduce the overall length so that it can be suitable for combat from ICV and can be used by paratroopers.

The System is provided with mechanical & applied safety.


LMG 5.56 mm INSAS(Foldable Butt):Specification/Technical Data

Calibre 5.56 mm
Wt. w/o Magazine 5.87 kg
Wt. w/loaded Magazine 6.37 kg
Length Overall 1025 mm
Barrel length 500 mm
Sight Radius 475 mm
Magazine Capacity 30 Rds
Fire selection SS/Auto Rds
Rate of fire (cyclic) 650 Rpm
Effective range 600 m
Muzzle velocity 915 m/s
Muzzle energy 1740 J
Recoil energy 2.85 J

Basic Characteristics


  1. It is Light weight weapon
  2. Commonality of parts amongst the LMG and Rifle 5.56 mm INSAS
  3. Weapon is very compact, easy to handle, operate and simple to maintain.
  4. Weapon robust enough to withstand rough usage.
  5. Furniture made of Plastic materials.
  6. Fix Butt version also available.
  7. Barrel Bore Chrome-plated for high barrel life and ease of maintenance.
  8. Provided with mount for PNS and Telescope, with daylight telescope & passive night sight.
  9. Provision for mounting on tripod on armed vehicles for Anti-Air Craft role & Monopod for fixed line firing.

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