INS Sindhukiriti (S61),Seventh Attack Submarine in Sidhughosh Class,Indian Navy


INS Sindhukiriti (S61),Seventh Attack Submarine in Sidhughosh Class,Indian Navy

INS Sindhukiriti (S61) is the seventh Sindhughosh-class diesel-electric submarine of the Indian Navy. She was built at the Admiralty Shipyard and Sevmash in the Soviet Union.

The subamrine was commissioned on 9 December 1989 in erstwhile Soviet Union under the command of Cdr. Ramdas who signed her commissioning orders.

She underwent a medium refit from June 2006 until May 2015 at Hindustan Shiyard at Viskhapatnam.By spending one third of her lifetime in refits,she finally returned to service on 23 May 2015 and currently serving its service as of 2016.

Batch of INS Sindhukiriti

Batch of INS Sindhukiriti

Description,Engine and Power

The INS Sindhukiriti has the length of 72.6m ,Beam length of 9.9m and Draught of 6.6 m.The submarine has the surface displacement of 2300 tons and 3100 tons when dived underwater.

The submarine is diesel powered and has a total of six motors ;2x 3650 hp diesel-electric motors,1x 5900 hp motor,2x 204 hp auxiliary motors and 1x 130 hp economic speed motor.

The submarine has a speed of 10 knots (19km/h) on surface,17 knots (31 km/h) when submerged and In Snorkel mode the speed of submarine is 9 Knots(17 km/h).The range is 400 miles(640 km) when submerged and 6000 mi (9700 km) during snorting at 7 kn (13 km/h).INS Sindhukiriti (S61),Seventh Attack Submarine in Sidhughosh Class,Indian Navy

Armaments and Other Details

INS Sindhukiriti has  a crew capacity of 68 (including 7 Officers) and has endurance of 45 days.It can submerged to the maximum depth of 300 m (980 ft).

INS Sindhukiriti is equipped with the Klub ZM-54E SS-N-27 antiship cruise missiles with a range of 220 km.

It is also equipped with  9k34 Strela-3 Man portable air defence missile system also called SA-14 Gremlin.Torpedos include Type 53-65 passive wake homing torpedo,TEST 71/76 anti-submarine ,active-passive homing torpedo and 2 Dm-1 mines in lieu of torpedo tube.INS Sindhukiriti (S61),Seventh Attack Submarine in Sidhughosh Class,Indian Navy

Service and Refits

INS Sindhukiriti was underwent refit from the time period of june 2006 until May 2015 at the Hindustan Shipyard at Visakhapatnam.

Sindhukirti was docked at Hindustan Shipyard in June 2006 for a midlife refit which included installation of USHUS sonar and the Klub-S cruise missiles and other hull works.INS Sindhukiriti (S61),Seventh Attack Submarine in Sidhughosh Class,Indian Navy

Firstly it was planned to send the submarine to Russia for the upgrade because Hindustan yard has almost zero experience in the field but later on plan changed and decided for an indigenous upgrade.

The  refits take long time as expected because that kind of expertise did not exist in India before and that was the first time that in Indian yard they were trying to refit it.

However instead of so many delays ,After nine years Sidhukiriti was returned to Indian Oceans on 23 May 2015 and currently undergoing sea trails as on 2016.

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