INS Mormugao,Vishakhapatnam Class P15B Destroyer,Indian Navy


INS Mormugao,Vishakhapatnam Class P15B Destroyer,Indian Navy

Indian Navy on Saturday (17 Sep 2016) launched the second ship of the Project 15B (Visakhapatnam Class), a guided missile destroyer named ‘Mormugao’, off Mumbai’s Mazgaon Docks.

The Visakhapatnam class (Project 15B) is a class of stealth guided missile destroyers currently being built for the Indian Navy. Based on the Kolkata-class design, the Visakhapatnam class will be an extensively improved version.

Ordered in 2011, the first ship is expected to be completed in 2018.Project 15B destroyers will feature enhanced stealth characteristics as well as incorporate state of the art weaponry and sensors including the long range Barak 8 surface-to-air missile.

INS Visakhapatnam is the lead ship of the Visakhapatnam-class stealth guided-missile destroyers of the Indian Navy. INS Mormugao is the Second ship in the Visakhapatnam Class P15B destroyers.


It is one of  the most advanced destroyers built in India. Indian Navy planned to build four such ships at the cost of Rs. 29,700 crore.

The Project 15B ships will be less detectable by radar, use radar absorbent paint during its construction and its propellers will be more silent to make detection by enemy submarines and warships more difficult.

INS Mormugao Destroyer Design

These ships are among the most technologically advanced guided missile destroyers in the world, with state-of-the-art weapons/sensors package, advanced stealth features and a high degree of automation.


The Warship has the length of 163m and beam length of 17.4 m with the draft of 6.5m. Mormugao has estimated crew capacity of 300 (50 officers and 250 Sailors) and has range of 4000 nautical miles (7400 km) at 14knots (16 mph).


The INS Mormugao is powered by 4 Ukrainian gas turbine engines to achieve speeds in excess of 30 knots, approximately 56 km per hour. The ship has a diplacement of 7300 tonnes.

All key systems are integrated onboard the ship through a Ship Data Network, a Combat Management System, an Automated Power Management System among a host of computer controlled systems, which monitor every parameter of the ship’s operations.

Sensors and Radars

INS Mormugao is equipped with IAI EL/M-2248 MF-STAR ,a multifuntion active electronically scanned array naval radar system developed by IAI Elta for maritime installation on warships. It is capable of tracking both air and surface targets and providing fire control guidance.MF-STAR is an acronym of Multi-Function Surveillance, Track And Guidance Radar.It can capable to track targets in the air hundreds of kilometres away.

Apart form this An AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) a phased array radar is also inducted in this destroyers.For search operations Thales made LW-08 D-band air search radar is there.The destroyer is also equipped with BEL HUMSA-NG bow sonar and BEL Nagin active towed array sonar .

Aircrafts Carried

The aviation facilities include flight deck which can carry 2 x Westland Sea King or Hal Dhruv helicopters.It also includes Dual Enclosed hangar for a combination of 2 Westland Sea King, Chetak or HAL Dhruv helicopters.

INS Mormugao Armaments

The destroyer is equipped with 4 × 8-cell VLS (Vertical Launching System) type Anti-air missiles and a total of 32 Barak 8 missiles (Range: 0.5 km (0.31 mi) to 100 km (62 mi).It also incorporated with 2 × 8-cell UVLM for 16 BrahMos anti-ship and land-attack missiles.

INS Mormugua is armed with 1 × 127 mm gun Oto Melara SRGM and 4 × AK-630 CIWS (Close in Weapon System).The Anti-Submarine Wardare includes 4 x 533 mm Topedo tubes and 2 x RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers.

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