INS Kamorta India’s First Indigenous built Anti-Submarine Stealth Corvettes,Warship,Indian navy


INS Kamorta India’s First Indigenous built Anti-Submarine Stealth Corvettes,Warship,Indian Navy

INS Kamorta is the first of four anti-submarine Kamorta-class stealth corvettes which has been built for the Indian Navy.The corvette was designed and manufactured by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE).It was launched on 19 April 2010 as a part of project 28 which was approved in 2003. Project 28 aims at developing an indigenous warship construction industry in India.

The ship’s maiden sea trials commenced in June 2013 and was handed over to the Indian Navy on July 12, 2014. During its trail runs in Hooghly river, its engine reportedly failed and the ship was run aground.

It will form part of the Vishakhapatnam-based Eastern Command. Kamorta has enhanced stealth features that make it less susceptible to detection. The hull of the Ship circumscribe the bulk of sensors and weapon system that were also indigenously manufactured by various Indian Industries.

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Development and Commissioned

India’s first indigenously built stealth Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Corvette, INS Kamorta, was commissioned into the Navy on June 2013 by Defence Minister Arun Jaitley at the Naval Dockyard in Vishakhapatnam.

The ship has been named after an island in Andaman and Nicobar.After induction in Indian Navy,it become the integral part of Eastern Fleet under the Eastern Naval Command in Indian navy. The ship was initially estimated to cost Rs 3,051 crore but was delayed by two years. Media reports suggest that its final cost was approximately Rs 7,800 crore.

On 12 July, the front line warship was formally handed over by GRSE chairman and managing director Rear Admiral A. K. Verma (Ret’d.) to the Navy at a ceremony in GRSE’s fitting-out jetty.She was commissioned into the Navy on 23 August 2014, with Cdr. Manoj Jha as her first captain.

Design and Features

INS Kamorta has a displacement of 3500 tonnes and is 110 meters in length and 14 meters at the beam.The ship complement 13 officers and 173 sailors.It is the first Indigenous anti-Submarine type corvette as well as first indigenous stealth type corvette built by India.


The INS Kamorta is built by Indigenously developed special grade high-tensile steel (DMR239A) produced by state-owned Steel Authority of India from its Bhilai Steel Plant. It has enhanced stealth features incorporating ‘X’ form of Hull and full beam superstructure which gives it a low radar  cross section. The use of Infra Red Signature Suppression (IRSS) gives the ship very low under water voice signature making its less susceptible to detection.

INS kamorta is the first Indian Navy Ship to be built with carbon fiber reinforced plastic which reduces weight ad life cycle maintenance costs.The ship is almost 90% indigenous and capable of fighing in NBC Conditions. It is equipped with a rail-less helo traversing system which is used for handling a helicopter. It also features a foldable hangar door.

Engine,Propulsion and Performance

The Ship is powered by four 5,096 hp Pielstick 12 PA6 STC Diesel engines at 1,050 rpm.The Four diesel engines are configured by Combined diesel ad Diesel (CODAD) configuration and is propelled by two two-shaft,controllable pitch propellers which allow the ship to reach a top speed of 32 km (59 km/h;37 mph).The Ship has integral ASW helicopter and an endurance of 7,400 km.

Sensors and Electronic Warfare Decoys

The warship sensor’s include the advanced bow mounted sonar and the indigenous 3D-CAR(Central Acquisition Radar) air-surveillance radar Revathi  which has the capability to detect targets exceeding 200 km.

Other radars included El/M-2221 STGR fire control radar,BEL Shikari,BEL Ajanta,special Hull Mounted Radar Array (HUMSA) Bombaer Electronic warfare suites and BEL RAW02 (Signal LW08) antenna communication grid-Gigabit Ethernet based integrated ship borne data network, with a fiber optic cable backbone running through the vessel.


It is also equipped with the Kavach  decoy system for protection against anti-ship missiles.Also DESEAVER Mk and Sanket decoys and electronic warfare systems are integrated in the ship.


INS Kamorta is integrated with wide range of weapon system. The ship has heavy weight torpedoes, ASW rockets, Medium Range gun and Close-in-Weapon System comprising of two multi-barrel guns.

It is fitted with a OTO Melara 76 mm main gun, and uses two AK-630 guns and provision for 16-cell VLS launched Barak 1 missiles as close-in weapon system.It is also equipped with 2 RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers and torpedo tubes capable of firing heavy weight torpedoes.

The Ship also includes 1 Westland Sea King Mk. 42B helicopter.


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