INS Aridhaman Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN),Next Generation,Indian Navy

INS Aridhaman Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN),Next Generation,Indian Navy

INS Aridhaman is the second Arihant-Class submarine.It is the second nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine being built by India.The Submarine is being built under the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) project to build nuclear submarines at the ship building Centre in Visakhapatnam.

This submarine will have a more powerful reactor than its predecessor sister.The submarine will be launched possible by late 2015.It will be commissioned in Indian Navy by early 2018 estimated. This submarine will have double the number of missile hatches than its predecessor INS Arihant giving it the ability to carry more missiles.

Current Status

INS Aridhaman is being built in Visakhapatnam.She is currently begin outfitted. In January 2012, it was announced that she would be launched in late 2012 or early 2013.In December the work on the second nuclear sub reactor was not completed then it will be scheduled to be launched possible by late 2015.

INS Aridhaman Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN),Next Generation,Indian Navy

INS Aridhaman Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN),Next Generation,Indian Navy


INS Aridhaman is of Ballistic Missile Type Submarine (SSBN) which can deploy submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBMs) with nuclear warheads.The submarine  can capable of firing missiles thousands of kilometers from its target, and acoustic quieting makes it very difficult to detect.

The beam length of submarine is 15m and Draft length is 10m.It can complement 95 members.

Engine and Performance

The Arihant Class submarine will propelled by one seven-blade propeller which will be powered by a Pressurised Water Reactor(PWR) (nuclear). In a PWR, the primary coolant (water) is pumped under high pressure to the reactor core where it is heated by the energy generated by the fission of atoms. The heated water then flows to a steam generator where it transfers its thermal energy to a secondary system where steam is generated and flows to turbines which, in turn, spin an electric generator.

The submarine can achieve a maximum speed of 12-15 knots (22-28 km/h) when on surface and 24 Knots (44 km/h) when submerged.The depth to which submarine will be submerged is from 300m to 400m.

INS Aridhaman Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN),Next Generation,Indian Navy

The Range of this submarine will be unlimited except by food supplies.This is the main advantage of nuclear powered submarine . As  conventional diesel-electric submarines have to come up on surface at regular intervals for charging the cells of the vessel,The nuclear powered submarines will stay underwater as longer according to need.

Sensors and Processing System

INS Aridhaman will be fitted with sonar ISS (Integrated Sonar Suite),State-of-art sonar integrated sonar system USHUS sonar developed by Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), India. The submarine will also have Panchendriya sunar which is a unified submarine sonar and tactical control system, and it includes all types of sonar (passive, surveillance, ranging, intercept, obstacle avoidance and active).It is used for detecting and tracking enemy submarines, surface vessels, and torpedoes and can be used for underwater communication and avoiding obstacles.

The hull features twin flank-array sonars and Rafael broadband expendable anti-torpedo countermeasures.

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INS Aridhaman has eight launch tubes in its hump.It can carry up to 24 K-15 Sagarika missile each with a range of 750 km (470 mi) or 8 of the under-development k-4 missiles SLBM (with a range of 3,500 km (2200 mi).The submarine also integrated with 6 torpedo tubes of 21” (533 mm).

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  • Cdr Narayan Kulkarni

    Hi, I, being ex-Indian navy (having served for 28 years in Engineering Branch and retired as Commander) am happy to read this detailed article on INS Aridhaman and hope to see her launch followed by commissioning on time, even as INS Arihant is scheduled to be commissioned prior to IFR-2016!!

    I would be more happy if you could share photographs of thjis submarine as and when she is launched and later during sea trials and commissioning etc!!

    Great work and thank you!!

    Thanks & Regards,

    cdr Narayan Kulkarni

    • Hello Sir
      Great to hear from you.I will definitely share photographs of INS Aridhaman at the time of its launch.
      Looking forward to hear more from you.
      Thank you.

  • India the great

    great. But not yet even launched news in 2016 april.

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