India’s Arjun Mark 2 vs Pakistan’s Al-khalid|Main Battle Tank Compared|Controversy

India’s Arjun Mark 2 vs Pakistan’s Al-khalid|Main Battle Tank Compared|Controversy

The Arjun Mk.2 is an improved version of the original Arjun main battle tank. It was developed in cooperation with Israeli defense companies. A total of 13 major improvements were made. After prolonged development the original Arjun Mk.1 entered service with the Indian Army in 2004.

The new Arjun Mk.2 has improved protection, firepower and mobility over its predecessor. Trials of the Arjun Mk.2 began in 2012. It was first publicly revealed in 2014.

Whereas  The Al Khalid main battle tank was jointly developed by China and Pakistan. It is a further development of the Chinese Type 90-II tank, which was not accepted to service with the Chinese Army. In the late 1990s it was marketed for export as the MBT-2000.

Pakistan acquired production license of this MBT. The Al Khalid is named after the legendary general Khalid ibn al-Walid. First deliveries of this tank were made in 2002. The Al Khalid is currently in service with Pakistan.

General Characteristics

Arjun Mark 2 Main battle tank


Place of Origin India Pakistan
In service 2001-Present
Designer CVRDE, DRDO Norinco,Factory 617-Heavy Industies Taxila(HIT)-Variants:Chinese:Type 90-IIM
Designed 1990-99
Manufacturer Heavy Vehicles Factory,Avadi Hevy industries Taxila (al-khalid)-Norinco(type 90-IIM)
Unit Cost More than $9 million USD $4.7 million-5.8 million USD
Produced In process 2001-Present
Design   The Arjun Mk.2 has some design similarities with the German Leopard 2A5 main battle tank.The  new Indian tank weights a whooping 68 t. Which makes it the heaviest tank in the world. It is even heavier than the American M1A2 Abrams or British Challenger 2. Hull and turret of the Arjun Mk.2 were redesigned. The Al Khalid main battle tank is based on Chinese and Soviet designs. It is considerably smaller and lighter than modern western MBTs.

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Arjun Mark 2


Weight 68 tonnes 46 t (51 short tons)
Length 10.64 m 10.07 m (33.0 ft)
Width 3.95 m 3.50 m (11.5 ft)
Height 2.8 m 2.40m (7.9 ft)
Crew 4(commander,Driver ,loader and guner) 3(commander,Driver and gunner)
India's Arjun Mark 2 vs Pakistan's Al-khalid|Main Battle Tank Compared|Controversy

India’s Arjun Mark 2 vs Pakistan’s Al-khalid|Main Battle Tank Compared|Controversy

Engine and Performance

Arjun Mark 2 Main battle tank


Engine MTU MB 838 Ka-501 diesel KMDB 6TD-2 6-cylinder diesel

1,200 hp

Maximum Road Speed 58 km/h 72 km/h
Operational Range 400 km 500 km
Suspension Torsion bar Torsion bars, hydraulic dampers


Arjun Mark 2 main battle Tank

Al -Khalid

Gradient 70% 60%
Side Slope 30% 40%
Vertical Step 0.9 m 0.85 m
Trench 2.4 m 3 m
Fording 1.4 m 1.4 m
Fording(with preparation) 2.15 m 5 m

India’s Arjun Mark 2 vs Pakistan’s Al-khalid|Main Battle Tank Compared|Controversy-Armaments

India's Arjun Mark 2 vs Pakistan's Al-khalid|Main Battle Tank Compared|Controversy

India’s Arjun Mark 2 vs Pakistan’s Al-khalid|Main Battle Tank Compared|Controversy

Arjun Mark 2 Main battle tank


Armor The Arjun Mark II tank protection includes explosive reactive armour (ERA) system integrated at the front part of the Chassis and the turret.It has enhanced with improved KANCHAN armour,a modular composite armour developed by India.This is the special armour made by sandwiching composite panels between Rolled homogeneous armour (RHA).The armour is capable to defeat APDS,APFSDS and HEAT rounds Vehicle has a composite armor and is fitted with add-on explosive reactive armor blocks. It is also fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. It also has a advanced laser detection warning system.
Main Armaments Fully stablised 120 mm Main Rifles gun and ATGW LAHAT 125 mm smoothbore gun, 39 rds
Secondary Armaments 7.62 mm machine gun mounted coaxially,A Remote Controlled Weapon Station mounted on top of the turret with 12.7mm NSVT machine gun.It is also equipped with bank of eight 81 mm grenade launchers mounted on each side of the rear part of the turret. 7.62 mm coaxial MG, 3000 rds

12.7 mm external AA MG, 500 rds


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    It means india is poor

    • Love_Nation

      yes, because the citizens like you are still in it.

  • ajay

    The suspension of arjun is HSU not torsion bar

  • ashhsingh

    Heavy means dead weight . They should try to reduce the weight ,Inc the firepower and defensive capabilities.
    More research is still required .
    It will be easy target if its efficiency is not improved.
    It seems we need to have Arjuna mk 3 now.

  • Eddy Warraich

    75km/h vs 50 km/h and 68 Tons of dead weight.. a lighter tank will out run and out gun Arjun and it will be no competition. At 9 million per unit, you can have 2 Al Khalid and no matter hoe good the Arjun get, it will be no match against 2:1 and last but not least, Al Khalid is in service and more improvements will follow but Arjun is not even in service and it will be a while before you’ll know the ups and downs of it and improving will taken even more time.

    • Abhishek Shrama

      It’s designed for Indian conditions………..

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