IAI Harop|IAI Harpy 2 ,Attack UCAV,Drone,Indian Army

IAI Harop|IAI Harpy 2 ,Attack UCAV,Drone,Indian Army

The IAI Harop (or IAI Harpy 2) is an unmanned Combat air vehicle (UCAV) developed by the MBT division of Israel Aerospace Industries.Unlike other UCAV it can not carry any separate High-explosive warhead rather the drone itself is the main munition.The UCAV is specially designed to loiter the battlefield and attack targets by self-destructing into them.

IAI Harop|IAI Harpy 2 ,Attack UCAV,Drone,Indian Army

IAI Harop|IAI Harpy 2 ,Attack UCAV,Drone,Indian Army

Induction in Indian Army

The Harop was publicly unveiled to the world for the first time in India, in the lead-up to the Aero India 2009 show.

In August 2007, the government of India was negotiating to purchase eight to ten Harop systems. In September 2009, the Indian Air Force announced that it will be inducting the 10 Harop systems purchased for US$100 Million.


IAI Harop has a length of 8 feet 2 inches and wingspan of 9 feet 10 inches.The UCAV has a range of 1000 kilometer and flight time of six hours.

As seen from exterior it looks like a Fighter aircraft with bulbous nose assembly that houses the warhead as well as the optics set under the chin.Canard Foreplanes are also featured along the nose section.The fuselage is blended into the wing structure with swept leading edges seen on the primary wing sections.

IAI Harop|IAI Harpy 2 ,Attack UCAV,Drone,Indian Army

Wing extensions are fitted outboard of the twin vertical tail gins and these appear to sport a near-forward swept look.

The harop is designed with an abort feature that will quickly allow the aircraft to break its engagement diving envelope if need be and return to its scouting role in short order.It can also unleashed moving,ocean-going targets also along with the over-land attacks of stationary targets.


The IAI Harop is a larger Version of the IAI Harpy and is launched from ground or sea based canisters.It can also be adapted for air-launch.It is a part-UAV,part-missile development in which the entire aircraft becomes an attack weapon upon spotting a target.

IAI Harop|IAI Harpy 2 ,Attack UCAV,Drone,Indian Army

Launching Container

The UCAV is so called the hunting missile driven by a ground-based pilot representative.It is the complete hunter killer UCAV system as it can loiter in a given are,survey enemy movements and hunt for critical targets.All the communication and data are relayed to the ground control operator.By finding any threat Harop then itself strikes to the suspected or identified enemy target  with a 51 lb primary warhead so as to maximize the damage.

Guidance System

The Harop is controlled in flight by a remote operator and is different from fully autonomous Harpy its predecessor. It features features two guidance modes: it can either home in on radio emissions by itself with its anti-radar homing system,or the operator can select static or moving targets detected by the aircraft’s electro-optical sensor.This latter mode allows the Harop to attack radars that are presently shut down and therefore not providing emissions for the aircraft to automatically home in on.

IAI Harop|IAI Harpy 2 ,Attack UCAV,Drone,Indian Army



The IAI Harop is powered by a Single conventional engine which is seated at the extreme rear-centre of the design .It is propelled by two bladed engine with pusher configuration.The UCAV is launched from the prepared container and just after the launch it extends its outboard wing sections.

Check out the video of IAI Harop|IAI Harpy 2 ,Attack UCAV,Drone,Indian Army



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