HAL Medium Lift Helicopter(MLH)|Multi Role Helicopter,IMRH,Indian Armed Forces


HAL Medium Lift Helicopter(MLH)|Multi Role Helicopter,IMRH,Indian Armed Forces

HAL is planning to develop a Medium Lift Helicopter in the 10-15 ton class. It is currently looking for foreign partners either from Russia or France-based Eurocopter. HAL has plans of producing around 350 medium lift helicopters. The 10-tonne helicopter would be offered to the Indian Navy to meet its requirement for heavy-lift helicopters.

Co-Design and co-production of a 10 Ton class Medium Lift Helicopter is proposed to be taken with an international helicopter manufacturer to meet the requirement of the 3 Indian Defence Services. This approach is taken to shorten the development timeframe.

The Helicopter will be powered by twin engines and will feature blade folding option for ship deck operations. The variant for Army/IAF will support Air assault, Air Transport, Combat logistic, Combat search & rescue and casualty evacuation operations. The naval variant will be developed for Anti Submarine Warfare and Anti Surface Vessel Strike roles.

The Main objectives/roles/mission of Medium lift Helicopter includes troop movemnet ,high-altitude air maintenance, offshore operations, heliborne and amphibious assault operations, anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare. An armed gunship version is also expected to be concurrently developed. Other proposed variants include civil transport, VVIP transport, and air-ambulance.

Development of HAL Medium Lift Helicopter(MLH)|Multi Role Helicopter,IMRH,Indian Armed Forces

In January 2007 it was reported that Russia was set to unroll its new high-altitude light helicopter gunships and had offered its co-development to India as a package deal, which could also forsee cooperation in building 10-tonne-class choppers. The offer came as Russia was also ready to unveil its new Kamaov-60 and next generation 10-tonne-class MI helicopters, which can be used as heavy lift troop carriers. “We know Indian Air Force’s urgent requirements for 10-ton-class helicopters and we have conveyed our readiness for joint development through establishment of joint holding company,” Givi Dzhandzhgava, Director General of the Ramenskoi Design company, told reporters.

HAL Medium Lift Helicopter(MLH)|Multi Role Helicopter,IMRH,Indian Armed Forces

In February 2008 Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd said it expected to roll out its next premier project, the development of the 10-tonne medium-lift helicopter project during the year. HAL prefers a partnership only to cut down the development time so that it can bring out a product in 5-6 years.

 It was awaiting the final word from the Ministry of Defence on the mode of acquiring a copter of this class: whether to produce them entirely at home or buy some and make some under licence or import them outright as per the Defence Procurement Policy 2006. Pending the verdict, the defence public enterprise had zeroed in on a potential equal partner and expects to launch the work by mid-2008.

In September 2008 Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) announced that it would soon develop a 10-tonne class helicopter for the armed forces and was searching for foreign partners either from Russia or a France-based company. The Defence Public Sector Undertaking (DPSU) planned to carry out the medium-lift helicopter programme in partnership with a foreign manufacturer.

By 2009 HAL was working on a 12-ton class Indian Multi-Role Helicopter, based on estimates that India had a requirement of 290 such machines. HAL was concentrating on helicopter design and production, and had established a separate helicopter complex within the company, with a separate managing director.

In July 2009, HAL cancelled an active tender for the co-development of the helicopter for which Eurocopter and Mil Helicopters had been shortlisted as potential technology and investment partners. HAL informed the two companies that the tender had to be scrapped because the qualitiative requirements of the armed forces have substantially changed. A fresh tender is scheduled to be out in September.

Design- HAL Medium Lift Helicopter(MLH)|Multi Role Helicopter,IMRH,Indian Armed Forces

HAL Medium Lift Helicopter(MLH)|Multi Role Helicopter,IMRH,Indian Armed Forces

HAL Medium Lift Helicopter(MLH)|Multi Role Helicopter,IMRH,Indian Armed Forces

The technical parameters of the HAL medium Lift Helicopter has not revealed till now.The capacity of the helicopter is estimated to 24 troops.It has maximum take off weight of 13 tonnes.

The Medium Lift Helicopter can fly with the maximum speed of 275km/h.It has estimated range of 500 km.The service ceiling is estimated to 22,000 ft and payload capacity is to be 3500 kg.

THE Helicopter is to have a five-blade composite main rotor with a four bladed composite tail rotor,twin turboshaft engines with dual authority digital engine controls. The power plants would be required to have a 30-minute dry-run capable transmission system. All Helicopters will have glass cockpits — using equipment from Halbit Systems, DARE and Samtel.

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