HAL Civil Air Department RG-1 Rohini,Glider,Sailplane Indian Armed Forces

Civil Air Department RG-1 RohiniCivil Air Department RG-1 Rohini

HAL Civil Air Department RG-1 Rohini,Glider,Sailplane Indian Armed Forces

The Civil Air Department RG-1 Rohini is an Indian two-seat training sailplane of the 1960s. A high-winged wooden monoplane, with side-by-side seating.This is mainly a training sailplane.The Rg-1 Rohini is manufactured by Veegal Engines and Engineering/Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).S Ramamritham is the designer of Rg-1 Rohini.It took its first flight in 10 May 1961.A total of 107 were built till now.

The Technical Centre of the Indian Civil Air Department is its research and development arm, and started design and production of sailplanes in 1950. In the early 1960s S Ramamritham designed a two-seat training sailplane, the RG-1 Rohini, the first of four prototypes flying on 10 May 1961.

The Rohini is a monoplane of wooden construction, with a braced high wing and a low mounted tail positioned forward of the fin. Its crew of two sit side by side in an open cockpit, while the aircraft’s undercarriage consists of a single unsprung wheel under the fuselage, with skids under the nose and tail.

A total of 17 Rohinis were built by Veegal Engines and Engineering of Calcutta, with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited building a further 86 RG-1s by 1971.

HAL Civil Air Department RG-1 Rohini,Glider,Sailplane Indian Armed Forces

Civil Air Department RG-1 Rohini


The RG-1 Rohini has the crew capacity of 2.The sailplane has a lengt of 7.18 m,Wingspan of 16.56 m and Height of 2.33 m.It has aspect ratio of 13:2:1.The Rohini fly with the empty weight of 274 kg and gross weight of 494 kg.It has NACA 4418 Airfoil at root and NACA 4412 modified at tip of the sailplane.


The RG-1 Rohini has a stall speed of 48km/h and maximum speed of 184 km/h which is also never exceed speed.The Aerotow and winch launch speed of aircraft is 112 km/h and 96 km/h respectively.The glider has maximum glide ratio of 21:1 at 77 km/h and rate of sink 0.85 m/s with g limits +5 -2.5.

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  • Rajesh Patnaik

    Some time in 1965 I had the opportunity to get a joy ride in one the Rohini Glider along with the Pilot instructor of Deolali Gliding Club. I paid Re.one for a five or six minute circuit landing flight. The glider was winch launched. In the same year I saw an aerobatic show of the same club. I think loops and controlled spinning was done by the Rohini Glider. It had spoilers on the upper side of the wing, which were sometimes pushed back just before the takeoff winch started. I was 10 year old: This glider flight left a lasting impression and love for aeronautics forever. Of course I ended up being a Social Anthropologist. Yes, Rohini glider was great in its class, but of low efficiency.

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