Barak-8,SAM,Shield Missile System|Indian Navy

Barak-8 Long range Anti-Missile Naval Defence System

Barak-8,SAM,Shield Missile System|Indian Navy

Naval Barak-8 is a long-range anti-air and anti-missile naval defence system being developed jointly by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) of India. Surface-to-air missiles (SAM) designed to defend against any type of airborne threat including aircraft, helicopters, anti-ship missiles, and UAVs as well as cruise missiles and combat jets.The missile entered service with Indian Navy in 2013.

Design and Development Phase

In January 2006, India and Israel signed a $350m agreement to co-develop a new generation long-range surface-to-air missile (LR-SAM) for Indian Navy ships.In April 2009, Israel signed a $1.1bn contract to deliver an upgraded Barak-8 air defence system to India. Deliveries are expected to be concluded by 2017.

On 10 November 2014 the Barak 8 was successfully test fired in Israel with all integrated operational components for both the marine & land system.In December 2014 it was reported that destroyer INS Kolkata, the largest warship built in India, will fire a long-range surface-to-air missile (LR-SAM) for the first time in 2015.

Naval Barak-8 missiles will be installed on the three Project 15A Kolkata Class guided-missile destroyers under construction at the Mazagon shipyard in India. Delivery of the first frigate is scheduled for 2012, and Barak-8 missiles aboard the frigate are expected to become operational in 2013.Four Project 15B Kolkata Class destroyers will also be armed with extended range surface-to-air missiles (ER-SAM). The extended-range missile can strike targets within the range of 100km.

Components of the missile system, including the four-plane MF-STAR radars and shipboard electronic modules were delivered to India for final assembly.

Operations and Features

Barak 8 is based on the original Barak 1 missile and is expected to feature a more advanced seeker, alongside range extensions that will move it closer to medium range naval systems.It is a safe carry and launch missile for ships and is based on the small missile and proven vertical launcher concept. It can be easily fitted to existing or new warships, as the installation of the vertical launcher requires small deck space.

The Barak 8 missile system can operate by night as well as by day in addition to all weather conditions. The system has a very short reaction time and a fast missile vertical launch capability with 360 degree coverage.The Barak 8 missile system also incorporates with with long range,Two way data link (GPS S Band),Active Radar seeker Missile and Multiple Simultaneous Engagements.

Barak-8,SAM,Shield Missile System|Indian Navy

The missile is capable of intercepting supersonic sea-skimming anti-ship missiles and high altitudes targets. . It is also capable of successfully dealing with simultaneous threats engagements, even in severe saturation scenarios.The long range of missile is due to integration of  additional booster motor.The two way data link supports multiple simultaneous target intercepts and optimised wide area protection.

Specifications Barak-8,SAM,Shield Missile System|Indian Navy

The Barak 8 has a length of 4.5 m,diameter of 0.225 m at missile body and 0.54 at booster stage and wingspan of 0.94 m.It weighs 275 kg and carry a warhead of 60kg which detonates at proximity.The missile has a speed of Mach 2(680 m/s) and has a maximum operational range of 70 km.It has flight ceiling of 16 km.The Missile is powered by two stage,smokeless  pulse rocket motor developed by DRDO that possesses high degree of manoeuvrability at target interception range.The Barak 8 launched from 8 cell VLS module launch platform.

Barak-8,SAM,Shield Missile System|Indian Navy

Guidance System for Barak-8,SAM,Shield Missile System|Indian Navy

The Barak 8 is equipped with modern air-defence system and multi-function surveillance track and guidance radar which includes El/M-2248 MF-STAR AESA .

This Multifunction surveillance track and guidance radar uses multi-beam,pulse Doppler and electronic counter-counter measures (ECCM) techniques to detect fast moving and low-RCS targets,even in complex environments/conditions and jamming environments. During the terminal phase, the second motor will be fired and active radar seeker will be activated to home on to the target.

Barak-8ER –Variant

The Barak-8ER (extended range) variant of Barak 8 is under will able to hit the target at the distance up to 150 km.It will designed to engage multiple beyond visual range threats.It will have same autopilot/inertial navigation system and active radar seeker guidance system as Barak 8,some modification to the software and to the missile control surfaces are there for improving the range.The length increased from 4.5 to 6 m diameter and fin spans are remain same.The weight of the missile is currently unknown although the weight after the booster has been jettisoned is the same as that for the current Barak 8 configuration. The missile is expected to equip the Indian Navy’s future Project 15B destroyers.

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